VHS Reckenberg-Ems gem. GmbH u. FARE gGmbH

Silver Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Educational institution

“Volkshochschule”, our form of educational institution, is statutory in Northrhine-Westfalia. Adult education with all its facets is mandatory. With its highly professional and skilled teams, the VHS Reckenberg-Ems I FARE has expanded this mandate even further by adding education for children and adolescents, the transition from school into the...

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Youth workshop "Culture"

Youth workshop “Culture”: School drop-outs between 12 and 16 years of age are being emotionally stabilized in their personality through a variety of creative and educational methods, like theatre pedagogy, rhythmicity, dance and stage design in order to help them get back on track and back to school.

Metall workshop / CNC

Metal workshop with a center for CNC technology: Our three-divisional metal workshop with its exclusive high-tech equipment for metal construction and engineering forms next to other workshops (caregiving, home economics, office, wood, painting, etc.) the core of our Institution. We are a certified training partner for Johannes Heidenhain GmbH.

Day care and after school programm

Day care and after school programs for children up to 5th grade: We are partner of 17 elementary schools within the region, providing day care and innovative educative after school programs. Our service includes a healthy lunch, guidance with the homework and a vast variety of educational and fun activities.

Life Domains Balance

Life Domains Balance: Since 2008, the company has been regularly audited by the „berufundfamilie“ gGmbH. It has initiated a variety of projects and measures for its employees, i.e. flexible working hours, free health and exercise classes, generous projects for further education, help with children’s day care or the care for the elderly…

Especially for an educational institution business excellence is, in fact, a very desirable goal. Since our fragile products and their immediate effects on our customers are difficult to measure because they, as well as their ROI, are not always necessarily in plain view, it is vital to make sure our products, their settings and circumstances are nonetheless continually being overlooked, measured and evaluated in order to guarantee a nonstop and focused improvement process. By living the EFQM Model and having implemented the PDCA Cycle into our day-to-day business and routines, we ensure that every single one of our employees is working towards our common goal regarding improvement of “Life Long Learning”.
What defines us.
We consider “Life Long Learning” to be absolutely vital for each individual`s pursuit of their own happiness. To enable everyone in the southern district of Gütersloh to do so and to implement our services in a sustainable and intergenerational manner is our challenge.
Our mission is to provide a holistic education which does not only focus on the working individual and, thus, their professional skills, but also strengthens the personal, emotional, creative, manual, linguistic and cognitive abilities of any individual from the very early years on up throughout old age.
Respect – Is our code of conduct when interacting both within the company, with customers and the community. Extending tolerance, civility and courtesy towards them is another facet of respect.
Responsibility – towards the people/humans trusted to us and trusting in us on one hand, as well as towards the community and the environment on the other hand.
Integrity – our set of values, outlined in our mission statement, is a continuous guideline for our own conduct, serving both the company and the customers.
Sustainability – life long learning is our dictum, we understand ourselves as being a learning institution with a high degree of responsibility for future generations.
Quality – the quality of our products, facilities and infrastructure, performance and service is only to be achieved by a very high level of professionalism.
Our core business

EDUCATION regarding all aspects of life: „Life Long Learning“– including consulting, mentoring , caring for and looking after our customers
The vital core of our business is to enable each and every one of our individual customers to discover, realize and use their abilities in order to grow to their full potential and thus, make most of...

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Our products and services

Further education, expanding and intensifying obtained competences and skills after the first degree of education.
Education for children and youngsters subsidiary to public schools and other institutions
Day care and after school programs for children up to 5th grade.
Managing customers’ transitions from school into the...

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Our people

Our staff of approx. 300 members includes part-time (from 5hrs weekly) to full-time (39 hrs), mostly female personnel. They work in multi-professional teams (all ranges of backgrounds; vocational, academics, etc.). Additionally, we engage 750 freelancers for the different kinds of our events (courses, workshops, speeches, concerts, classes,...

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Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationRheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany
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