Stadt und Land Salzburg - Einsatzorganisation Humanitärer Einsatz - Flüchtlinge durch Salzburg

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Public sector
Quality Management Systems „ISO 9001“ and „IBEC“

The first ISO certification of a public authority for foreigners' rights was undertaken in 1999. This was followed in 2001 by the world's first IBEC certification for a public administrative authority, which was awarded to Salzburg's Department of Public Order. The department has also successfully passed all annual audits since the initial award.

Speyer Prize 2000

On the occasion of the 5th Speyer Quality Contest in 2000 we were awarded the prize for “Citizen-Orientation and Electronic Government“.

Austria Mark of Quality – Austrian Role Model Operation 2010

In 2010 the Department of Public Order was the first Austrian administrative authority to be awarded the Austria Mark of Quality “Austrian Role Model Operation“.

Austrian National Prize for Corporate Quality 2016

Quality Austria, on behalf of the Ministry of Science, Research and Commerce, awards the National Prize “Corporate Quality: Operational coordination – Humanitarian Tasks – Refugees in Salzburg“.
The processes surrounding the humanitarian tasks related to the refugee transit were evaluated and successfully certified. The Quality Austria...

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Kiwanis Award 2017

The Kiwanis prize is awarded annually to deserving individuals or organizations for exceptional achievements in improving health, social, cultural or humanitarian conditions. The prize was awarded to the Salzburg City administration and all those who helped in coping with the refugee crisis in 2015/16 for their dedication to humanitarian aid.

Being an EFQM Award winner is an honour that confirms the excellence of the work being done by the Department of Public Order and its staff, particularly also during the refugee crisis. We took the right initiatives and were able to sustainably improve our services. With this award we have laid the foundation for further achievements on the road to excellence.
What defines us.
We aim to become even better at overcoming any such major challenges in the future.
To ensure and maintain the functionality of the city as a whole – before, during and especially after crisis situations - including public life and transport.
Customer-Orientation: To fulfil and even exceed the wishes and needs of our citizens!
Team-Orientation: Ongoing, task-specific training of our staff!
Rule of Law: Uphold the rule of law in all aspects of public life!
Our core business

City administration of foreigners' rights, public safety (including crisis and emergency control), trade and environmental law, and public health.

Our products and services

Public Safety and Order – Emergency Control: Between September 2015 and March 2016 the Salzburg city administration coordinated the transit of some 350 000 refugees on their way to Germany, providing food, clothing, a safe place to sleep, sanitary facilities and medical care.
Foreigners' Rights: Issue of residence titles and documentation...

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Our people

Our skilled staff is on call at all times and trained to deal tirelessly with crisis situations, remaining flexible and well organised. Our 45 team members cultivate close and personal contact to the people of Salzburg

Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationSalzburg, Austria
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