Moscow plant of the specialized automobiles LLC

Silver Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Automotive sector
Leading company in the development and production of vehicles of various types and purposes

The enterprise is certified by Mercedes Benz firm and is a supplier of special cars on the basis of Mercedes "Vario" Moscow plant of the specialized automobiles LLC - and "Sprinter" for "mail of Russia". Mastered the production and approval of vehicles on the basis of the company "Volkswagen". Also mastered the production of fire engines, mobile...

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In 1999 the plant developed, put into operation and certified the quality system on the basis of ISO-9000, 9001 standard, as well as UNECE regulations (regarding product safety). The products of Moscow plant of the specialized automobiles LLC steady demand throughout Russia and abroad. The plant's policy in the field of quality ensures the production of competitive products, provided the optimal costs for its production and operation.
What defines us.
Moscow plant of the specialized automobiles LLC is the leader in the Russian market among producers of hook-on equipment. Geography of deliveries-across all territory of Russia, and also beyond its limits: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. The range of production of trailers includes more than 200 models.
Stable production of competitive products that meet the requirements of consumers as much as possible, provided the optimal costs for its development and production.
Creating and maintaining a professional team, as a management device, and production artists who are highly skilled experts of technological and design trends.
Our core business

Moscow plant of the specialized automobiles LLC is a versatile enterprise which is engaged in development and production of specialized cars, medical complexes, the equipment of fire safety and is one of the leading producers of trailer equipment in Russia.

Our products and services

Main directions of production:
- Development and production of specialized cars of different function with installation of platforms, vans and other designs, with application of a various complete set.
- Development and production of trailers and semi-trailers for various purposes, with a total weight of 750 kg to 30 tons, both...

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Our people

The number of employees in Moscow plant of the specialized automobiles LLC:
Other employees-12

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationMoscow, Russia
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