Joint Stock Company "PLASKE"

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Transportation / Logistics sector
Anti-Corruption Measures

The geographical location of Ukraine makes an international trade an important priority in the development of our country's economy. The streamlining of economic activity is possible due to the simplification of trade procedures. This means that most of the trade facilitation efforts concern customs procedures. One of the obstacles to...

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Membership and Partnerships

On its way towards SDGs 16 and 17 PLASKE JSC actively participates in international and national associations and organizations focused on logistics solutions. which helps us to build an open society and intensify the work within the framework of the Global Partnership. Anti-corruption measures and joint activities to elaborate efficient tools...

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Cultural and Social Projects

Odessa boasts its rich cultural life. PLASKE JSC provides a significant share of its resources for its maintenance and development. Most of our socio-cultural projects are of a long-term and systematic nature. This means financial, organizational, technical support for a number of projects, theaters, museums, libraries. Given the scale of...

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PLASKE JSC is moving forward, despite all the challenges it faces: political, economic, and psychological ones. Our motto, "Energy of Movement", reflects our desire to use the energy, transforming it into positive energy in the era of turbulence, which is aimed at providing consumers with a truly advanced and high-quality product. Over the past years, we have improved the work of our departments in order to withstand the geopolitical challenges of the external environment. To this end, the efforts, which were previously focused on one of our business activities (goods delivery), liquidated due to external market factors, were redirected on the development of the ferry service on the Black Sea, which will enable us to link the freight flows of the Europe and Asia, reviving the Silk Road and multimodal transport. We are introducing new technologies for unique logistics solutions to make them optimal, safe, legal and, most importantly, fair in terms of cost.
What defines us.
We are moving forward managing the energy in motion for the good of society.
In this motion we are committed to social justice, environmental protection, safe products and sustainable economic growth of Organization
Energy in motion for success of society
In order to systematize the processes of creating a valuable end product, we are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the principles of social responsibility, as well as the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the recommendations of the ISO 26000 standard "Guidance on social responsibility". These benchmarks make it possible to determine the Organization's Policy and Strategy, respecting the values created by the Organization, aimed at maintaining the balance between the Stakeholders' interests.
We recognize that every member of society has equal economic, social, cultural rights. We build our relationships with Stakeholders on this particular basis. The first three principles of the UN Global Compact concerning the human rights were originally laid down in the Organization's Policy and the Rules of the Management System. Support and respect for the protection of human rights, freedom of association and the right to conclude collective agreements, together with the prevention of human rights violations also form the basis of our management policy and entrepreneurial culture in PLASKE JSC. Non-discrimination and violation of human rights mean equal career opportunities for our Personnel.
Personnel development is one of our key priorities. Highly competent Personnel, their ability to perform their daily tasks properly is our major goal. OMS is designed in such a way as to ensure that vocational training meets the requirements for production activities. The Organization has a number of programs approved at the national and international levels, according to which employees are trained.
Our core business

PLASKE JSC successfully operates in the market accomplishing its key goal, i.e. efficient logistics solutions for an efficient economy. In the freight forwarding industry our main task is to provide a full range of freight forwarding, transport, logistics, customs and financial services.
We place special emphasis on arrangement and...

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Our products and services

• Consignors', consignees' and cargo owners' consultation on execution of contracts and transport documents in accordance with legal requirements;
• Building-up a suitable logistic scheme, arrangement of transportation, calculation and payment of tariffs and charges;
• Making out economic- and technology-based routes and cargo...

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Our people

• We want each and every employee to be competent, ethical and productive, having advanced tools and instruments for efficient management and operational data processing, and creativity. To this end, we constantly improve and automate the production processes, the means of communication that regulate the rules for effective interaction at work,...

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Company Data
SectorTransportation / Logistics
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationOdessa, Ukraine
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