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Every year we make a user forum for each of our products, this allows us to approach with our customers and better understand their expectations. In the forums, we expose the product evolution and trends, we create a space of dialogue between universities and what is more important for us, and we have the chance to know more closely what our...

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Para OCU es muy importante la calidad de sus productos y servicios, y la búsqueda constante de la excelencia. Para ello OCU se apoya en un exigente sistema de calidad contrastado con los mejores estándares (ISO, CMMI), y en su búsqueda de la excelencia, OCU sigue el modelo EFQM como marco de referencia europeo y mundial de excelencia, estando...

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One of the most important keys factors of the company are its employees. OCU looks for their sense of belonging and their happiness. OCU achieves its goals thanks to these highly qualified, motivated and committed people, led by a competent, experienced and ethical leaders team, sincerely interested in the well-being of their employees.

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One of our great achievements has been the expansion of our solutions and services in many universities in a large number of Spanish-speaking countries. These achievements can be summarized in the following figures:
• Number of Higher Education Institutions we serve: 100
• Countries where we have presence: 9
• Number of...

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OCU firmly believe that education is the basis for a better world. This motto has always inspired many OCU social responsibility activities, which led to the creation in 2013 of the International OCU Foundation (FIOCU) in order to carry out activities to promote and support education and culture.
For this reason and due to the accelerated...

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When speaking of excellence, people are often mentioned. On this occasion, I would like to approach the concept of excellence, also through the human factor. As an organization, we owe our stakeholders, in this case, we especially focus our interest on three key groups: our staff, our customers and our allies and suppliers. These three groups help us to provide our productive processes with the desired efficiency, to meet the expectations of our stakeholders and to achieve our mission, and also these groups collaborate as architects of our vision. When people are aligned and share values and goals, excellence becomes a passable and emotional path, which definitely guides towards job happiness.
What defines us.
OCU wants to be the reference for Information Systems and Technology Services in the field of Higher Education; based on its skills, knowledge of the sector and quality of its products and services, becoming a strategic partner of the Universities.
OCU is a company that provides pioneer Management Information Systems for universities, promoting cooperative models focused on reducing costs, building university networks, and encouraging collaboration in the creation of international Higher Education Spaces. The company also has a spirit of cooperation and knowledge transfer with universities.
• Commitment and collaboration with our stakeholders – We foment the collaboration between universities.
• Excellence, innovation and continues evolution – Comply with all legal and technical requirements as well as those transmitted by our stakeholders.
• Quality and specialization – maintenance and improve of our quality system, and continuous training of our employees.
• Efficiency, agility, flexibility and solvency – providing customers’ satisfaction and assuring the company sustainability
• Happiness at work - providing employees’ satisfaction and assuring the company sustainability
• Ethics and transparency – as we don’t understand any other way of doing things
Our core business

Our core business is to sell software for universities’ management.

Our products and services

Our software for universities’ management is UNIVERSITAS XXI, a complete suite with 4 main modules: UNIVERSITAS XXI - ACADÉMICO for academic management, UNIVERSITAS XXI – ECONÓMICO for economic management, UNIVERSITAS XXI – RECURSOS HUMANOS for human resources management and UNIVERSITAS XXI – INVESTIGACIÓN for research management. Also, we offer...

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Our people

We are 270 employees, 220 in Spain and 50 in Colombia, serving 9 countries. Our employees are committed demanding, and professional people, and experts in university’s processes.

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationMadrid, Spain
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