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What defines us.
UEM considers academic excellence as one of its strategic pillars. Thus, its educational model has embraced the principles of the European Higher Education Area based on holistic learning of the person. In this model, the teacher is a leader and a mentor who accompanies students throughout their college lives. Students, meanwhile, plan their own training path by developing the knowledge, skills, abilities, and values that today's society demands. The model puts special emphasis on the student's maturity and autonomy, so that the student learns to adapt to an increasingly complex and constantly changing world.
To provide our students with a holistic education, shaping leaders and professionals prepared to respond to the demands of a global world, who will add value to their professional fields and contribute to social progress with their entrepreneurial spirit and ethical values. To generate and transfer knowledge through applied research, contributing in the same way to social progress and positioning ourselves at the cutting edge of intellectual and technical development.
Collaborative: We bear the seal of approval that sets up apart for our entrepreneurial spirit: we are resolute and audacious, placing the student at the forefront. We collaborate and work together to implement the best practices at our institution.

International: We have a global vocation and scope, while retaining strong local roots. We offer international resources to support and strengthen local education. We are an inclusive, multicultural organization that values diversity and respects all cultural perspectives and characteristics.

Analytical: We implement a rigorous self-assessment process to constantly increase our information and knowledge so as to improve our performance. This reflexive approach, based on data analysis, sets us apart from other institutions.

Trustworthy: If we want to be “here for good” we must gain the trust of our students and their families, employers and the communities where we operate. All levels of our organization are subject to the highest demands; we work with integrity and assume full responsibility for our actions.

Audacious: We are entrepreneurs; we strive to be audacious and are willing to take calculated risks while at the same time basing our decisions on rational, reflexive planning. We are quick to leverage opportunities and make positive changes in order to enrich our students’ experience. We search for new ways to improve learning without borders and transform the traditional educational model. We have an innovative mentality and we provide members of the university community with the chance to challenge the status quo. We apply creative approaches to education and business. We never cease to explore new approaches, new technologies, new business models and new theories. We are leaders, not followers.

Responsible: Assuming responsibility for our students’ results is the cornerstone of our revolution in the field of education. We focus on students and employers to adapt our programs to their needs. We strive to maintain high rates of retention, graduation and employability so that our students joining the labor market generate a positive social impact.
Our core business

Since it was created in 1995, UEM has considered the pursuit of academic excellence as one of the driving forces behind its activity according to the principles of meaning, quality, and integrity. Fostering holistic growth for each individual, together with research activity, allowing those individuals to respond to the demands of a global world...

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Our products and services

According to the EEES principles to which UEM adheres, the university´s academic model and student life activities are aligned with student-centered principles that guide all levels of decision making. As such, the role of the university is to accompany students throughout their time at university, providing the support they need to develop at...

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Our people

Since its foundation, UEM has had well-defined processes for the recruitment, selection, orientation, and performance evaluation management of its employees, which it applies systematically. The recruitment and selection process, covers all job activities and roles. This ensures coverage of the needs of different areas of the organization,...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationMadrid, Spain
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