Camlibel Elektrik Dagitim A.S.

Silver Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Energy sector
ÇEDAŞ Cleaned The Passage For Migratory Birds

ÇEDAŞ distribution area has a wide variety of migratory birds, and over 40.000 kms aerial electricity line causes bad effect on both birds and end users.
In order to prevent harmful damages to birds and electricity cutoffs; ÇEDAŞ has installed more than 8.000 isolation apparatus to the transmission towers and substations.

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R&D Project: DAGSIS-Solar Power Plant Integration and Effects to Distribution Network

Funded by EMRA, ÇEDAŞ completed researches about renewable energy usage for clean environment and healthy living area with R&D Project DAGSIS.
In ÇEDAŞ facilities, a 40kWp capacity Solar Power Plant was established and effect of renewable energy resources to the distribution systems were investigated.
Besides some part of...

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ÇEDAŞ Certified with: EFQM-Recognized for Excellence-5 stars

In order to increase our service quality, add value to the environment and society, be strong with our employee and shareholders we have achieved EFQM-Recognized for Excellence-5 stars certification with our past studies and successes.
Our aim is to improve our processes, establish an effective communication with our employee and...

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We have decided to implement EFQM Excellence Model in order to increase our Corporate Structure level in our sector and country that we are serving; and the results indicates us we are on the right way for excellence. We are aware about the value that this model will add to our stakeholders. We believe in model that it will show us the way to sustainable success and we are continously working for better.
What defines us.
Improve our electricity distribution service in Sivas,Tokat and Yozgat to an international role model level, keep customer satisfaction at top level with our innovative and technology focused service approach.
Become the leader distribution company in Turkey by giving high importance to environment and awareness in electricity usage; and a pioneer company with the R&D Projects.
Respect to: ideas, people, value of stakeholders, environment, diversity
Integrity: Ethical Behaviour, Honesty, Consistency, Proud of our work, Trust Each other, Protect our company’s name and brand, Being a role model in our work and social life
Competitiveness: Visionary Perspective, Cost consciousness, Customer focused, Fast Decision Making, Market foresight, Awareness, Improve development areas, Maintain strong areas
Team Work: Share best practises, Increase synergy, Encourage collobaration, Support each other, Willingness to learn from each other, Shared responsibilities, Shared successes
Enterprenuership: Request for though work, Taking initiative, Influence the actions, Taking responsibilities, Success despite the difficulty, Finding solutions, Result oriented
Our core business

Çamlıbel Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.(ÇEDAŞ), which was founded as TEK Head Offices by Turkish Electricity Authority (TEK) in 1970 for giving electricity distribution services from transmission lines to end users. After denationalization process in 2010, separation of distribution and retail services in 2013, ÇEDAŞ is now working under CK Group (Kolin...

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Our products and services

Çamlıbel Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.(ÇEDAŞ), operating according to Electricity Distribution License legislation. For high quality and continuous electricity distribution service;
Making investment in distribution network
Operate and monitor the network and conduct maintenance activities
Carry out customer management activites.

Our people

According to our vision, ÇEDAŞ has a management system that gives value to our most important equity-our employee. In order to perform all steps of HR processes innovatively, we have established Strategical HR Model that enables us to;
Find best employee who add value to us
Follow the development process of employee

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationSivas, Turkey
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