National Scientific Medical Center

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector
5-fingers approach

We provide the whole range of services according to the “5 fingers” approach for patients with cardiology, nephrology, liver, gynecology and surgery diseases (for adults) and cardiosurgery diseases for adults and children. We also support the unified cycle for services provision on cellular technologies at different diseases, beginning from the...

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Integrated Management System

We were the first in the Republic of Kazakhstan to establish the center for management system and internal audit. From 2006 the clinical and diagnostic laboratory of NSMRC participates in the external evaluation on compliance with EQAS (USA) standards. By automating laboratory researches and improving the quality through benchmarking we have...

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Educational programs for the Republic of Kazakhstan

Educational services implementation in the NSMRC is performed in the Postgraduate Education Center in 28 specialties for doctors and 3-year residency program in 7 specialties. Diversity of the clinic, highly educated cadre potential, technical infrastructure are the fertile ground for a comprehensive postgraduate and additional medical...

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Development of cardiology and cardio surgery services

The innovative approach began from the moment of the center establishment, compositions of which provided the cardiology department and intensive care unit. Cardiosurgical service was opened in 2004 in a separate comfortable building, and the first cardiac operations were performed both for children and adults. In the beginning queues for little...

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Scientific-research development

The strategy is primarily build on the cellular technologies development. We apply fetal and stem cells in clinical practice due to the implementation of the scientific research programs: «Development of stem cells isolation, cultivation and cryoconservation technology for the correction of organs and systems lost functions» (2006-2008);...

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What defines us.
National Scientific Medical Center, being the only multidisciplinary center providing high-tech medical services applying the “five fingers” approach, maintaining positions of the industry leader in RK, developing scientific, medical and diagnostic, educational services on the basis of using the achievements of the best management practices, will be the international sample enterprise.
«Better Care for a better life»
Leadership and clear strategy –The behavioral style of our leaders is a vivid example of professionalism, openness and honesty, the strategies that they develop are clear, attainable, they are communicated to every member of the team, that contributes to its achievement

Stability of the organization – Stable leadership consistently realizes its Vision and Mission together with the team

Intellectual potential – We attract competent specialists, but not a day without increasing the level of knowledge and skill; For this all possibilities are created and all the ways are defined.

Satisfied and loyal patients – Our Mission is achievable only when we have identified the key to the diagnosis, have chosen the right treatment and shown a benevolent attitude with understanding the satisfaction of the patient's needs. We create such a coziness that the patient would like to receive services only from us.

Openness, transparency in front of stakeholders - We are in the same ship with stakeholders and solve the same tasks-improving the health and life quality of people.

Flexibility and willingness to share knowledge – Be ready to learn, share knowledge and experience on improvement courses and master classes, conferences and multiply the overall success.

The corporate culture of excellence – One person in the field is not a warrior – we are a strong team, involving all in perfection.

Responsibility for the future of the planet - Think about the future generation. We are alive only when we have a healthy generation with healthy conditions in the world around us. We have defined our values figuratively in 8 circles, and each member of our collective adheres to them constantly in daily practice.
Our core business

Healthcare, medical hospital services

Our products and services

The clinic is one of the leading multidisciplinary scientific and medical centers of Kazakhstan, providing medical services using high technologies, as well as carrying out scientific and educational activity.

Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationAstana, Kazakhstan
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