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BMW Production System

The BMW Production System plays a particularly important role when it comes to achieving the BMW Group's targets: it creates technologies and innovations suitable for series production, contributing to outstanding customer satisfaction.

At the core of the BMW Production System is operational excellence:
• Operational...

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Model launches

In 2016, BMW mastered 12 model launches and updates during ongoing production. As TP is responsible for the BMW Production System this success is a main achievement of TP’s employees and plant associates and is considered exemplary among industry experts. Successful model launches contribute largely to the BMW Group’s business performance.


The success of the BMW Group has always been based on long-term thinking and responsible action. The company has therefore established ecological and social sustainability along the entire value chain. Comprehensive product responsibility and a clear commitment to conserving resources are an integral part of its strategy. As a result, the BMW...

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Journey to Excellence

TP began its journey to excellence based on the EFQM model several years ago. In the first few years, the focus was on enabling the organization, introducing EFQM, and starting our journey. In the past few years, the focus has shifted towards making greater use of the assessments to evaluate and improve our area. In 2015 and 2016, we...

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Value-added Production System (VPS)

Involving all the employees in process improvement is a very important element of this VPS. To accomplish Lean production, everybody should help to improve processes every day. To make the principle of subsidiarity work, all employees must develop problem solving skills. To this end, on all management levels, people coach persons within the...

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One Piece Flow

When you buy a BMW, you can choose from many options. As a result, every car is different. Nevertheless, variants of cars are produced in a one piece flow system, a chain of single piece operations. This means that for example a convertible car can be assembled after a car with a standard roof. This makes production planning complex. A Lean...

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“Organizations are perceived as successful especially when they continuously deliver peak performance, also within a volatile environment. The ability to respond swiftly and flexibly to changing conditions is a key characteristic of excellent organizations. Excellence is based on robust and lean processes, combined with products and services that are directly derived from customers’ needs and wishes. A company will enjoy long-term success in the market only if customers clearly see the added value of a product or service. In the end, it comes down to regularly meeting or exceeding the expectations of customers and stakeholders. In this context, an organization’s culture is the sustenance of excellent results. It defines how motivated staff are to contribute their abilities and skills as best and consistently as they can, also in difficult times. The corporate culture supports associates in reflecting about their own area of responsibility, striving for improvements, and being passionate about providing new ideas.” Senior Vice President, Dirk Hilgenberg
What defines us.
We are Number ONE. We inspire people on the move. We shape tomorrow's individual premium mobility.
The BMW production system is the leading-edge production system in the automotive industry.
In the context of a professional and cooperative collaboration amongst our employees and partners, we have defined five core values: responsibility, appreciation, transparency, trust, openness. According to these five core values we have operational principles that define the collaboration within our teams.
Our core business

The BMW Group area ‘Production System, Technical Planning, Tool Shop, Plant Construction (TP)’ is responsible for the planning of the BMW Production System for all plants in the worldwide production network. TP is the interface between product development and production. TP defines production processes for the vehicle plants in terms of the...

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Our products and services

TP is in charge of planning and implementing the production system for all BMW Group plants all over the world. Our main contribution is to ensure the producibility of vehicle projects. We work closely together with R&D functions in product projects and define manufacturing processes for our series plants. Besides the design of the...

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Our people

Key resources are the great qualification level, flexibility, adaptability and resilience of our people. Team members with the appropriate skill sets for the respective technologies (production shops) and a cross-functional understanding of technologies are a crucial success factor. In the long term, it will be vital to retain today’s core...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationMunich, Germany
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