Baskent Universitesi Ozel Ayseabla Okullari

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Our motto is "There is always enough time to success; seven days in a week and twenty-four hours in a day." Prof. Dr. Mehmet HABERAL
What defines us.
Our vision is to carry our success as a leading educational institute with is modern, rational and dynamic approach in all areas of education.
Our mission is raising happy, honourable and successful individuals who follow the principles and revolutions of Atat├╝rk the great leader, promoting both national and international values along with life long learning skills.
We value protecting the principles and the revolutions of Ataturk, embracing the culture of our school, being innovative, teaching foreign languages based on international standards as a part of Cambridge Assessment International Education UK, supporting academic and personal development of each individual pupil, promoting creativity, critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills, global citizenship, empathy and eco friendly pupils throughout the national and international cultures.
Our core business

We are a school with a clear and an honourable history that goes back to 1946. The school was united with Baskent University in 1999 and has been carrying out the history with an open-minded and developing educational value. We consider ourselves a big family that upbrings its pupils who are ready for the 21st century's world.

Our products and services

We support the confidence to succeed and the values to make the world a better place. Our school has a preschool (age 3-6), a primary school (age 6-10), a secondary school (age 10-14) and a high school (age 14-18).

Our people

We work with educational professionals who are experts in their fields from management to support staff.

Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationAnkara, Turkey
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