Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector
What defines us.
We aim to be a dynamic, efficient and community involved organization.
A nimble and solution oriented Primary Healthcare centre, where our professionals are the core of our company.
Not only is it our goal to offer high quality Primary Healthcare services and facilities, but also to be an active and innovative member of the Catalan healthcare network.
We are a Healthcare institution aim to take care of the health needs of our patients at an individual, familiar and communitarian level. We do it promoting also health education, prevention and recovery.
Respect to our professionals and clients and their personal, cultural and social diversity.

Professionalism: our knowledge and experience are at our costumers’ service. We believe in what we do and we work hard to improve the quality of our services on day to day, in order to offer our patients the best assistance.

Innovation: team work is our way to face challenges and improve. This is our philosophy within our organization and it is how we approach the cooperation with other organisms in our community.
Our core business

Primary and Community Healthcare

Our products and services

Primary healthcare for adults and children, health education and promotion, social work, odontology, psychology and podiatry.
These public services are complemented by a range of health services not provided by the public system.

Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationBarcelona, Spain
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