Unión de Mutuas, Mutua Colaboradora con la Seguridad Social nº 267

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector

Union of Mutuas, M.C.S.S. No. 267, manages health with a comprehensive approach, considering it a strategic and transversal issue present in all its policies, in order to improve the physical, psychological and social well-being of both the human team and the protected population.
Implemented programs:
- cardiovascular health...

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In 2008, Union de Mutuas decided to develop a pioneering program, the first with these aims in the insurance environment.: a Patient Safety Management Program within the improvement of the quality of health care, as a strategic priority in order to make more effective programs of clinical-care excellence and creating a Commission for Patient...

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For Union de Mutuas CSR involves the permanent search for the satisfaction of our stakeholders, while at the same time seeking sustainable economic, social and environmental development. Since 2003, Unión de Mutuas has designed three-year CSR plans. The most important accomplishments include to keep of a Code of Ethics and Correct Behavior, the...

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Good governance and risk management is a fundamental pillar in the strategy and management of Unión de Mutuas. Proof of this is the implementation of a criminal compliance system with the establishment of the Crime Prevention Commission and the reporting channel, and the preparation of good governance reports, a pioneering initiative in the...

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Within the framework of Innovation, Union de Mutuas analyzes in a special way the potential impact of new technologies on the performance of the organization, promoting two specific strategic objectives: "Enhancing innovative products" and "Enhancing the implementation of ICT". Through a regulated system, in the Subprocess of Management of...

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Unión de Mutuas' commitment to equality (understood as equal and non-discriminatory treatment towards people) is formally manifested for the first time in the Code of Ethics and good behavior and is materialized in the different equality plans carried out, having obtained in this area, the Fent Company Seal recognition of the Generalitat...

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What defines us.
To be perceived as an efficient organitation that contributes to the sustainability of the Social Security System (national health system), with socially responsible management and respectful of the principles of good governance, a benchmark in the excellence of services, and recognized for the satisfaction of legitimate expectations of all its interest groups.
Union of Mutuals, M.C.S.S. No. 267, is an non-profit association of companies, which collaborates in the management of national health system in accordance with the current legislation, providing services to its insured companies, self-employed workers and employees. protected workers and employees. All this based on a management model of excellence and good governance, thus contributing to the improvement of health and the management of economic benefits, in terms of sustainability.
DIGNITY: Unión de Mutuas understands dignity as recognition and respect for people and as a moral horizon for all its actions. Our vocation of service is characterized by respectful, equitable and cordial treatment, always acting objectively and impartially.
EXCELLENCE: Union de Mutuas understands excellence as quality and innovation in the efficient management of its services to be sustainable in the long term and meet the expectations of all its stakeholders. In order to achieve this solvency, Unión de Mutuas has a team of qualified professionals, both technically and humanly, and the best material resources.
TRANSPARENCY. Unión de Mutuas conceives transparency from the principles of good governance and corporate social responsibility, always offering truthful and accurate information and promoting the most appropriate participation, accountability and compliance mechanisms.
TRUST: Unión de Mutuas is aware that confidence derives from the fulfillment of the legitimate expectations placed on it by all the stakeholders involved in its activity. To accomplish this it always seeks dialogue and the participation of its stakeholders, especially the commitment of its own staff.
Our core business

Collaboration with the national health system

Our products and services

• Health care and economic benefits derived from work accidents and professional illnesses of the insured workers at the service of their insured companies and self-employed workers.
• Control and management of sick leave due to temporary disability due to non-work related accidents and diseases and control and management ot the...

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Our people

Unión de Mutuas, M.C.S.S. No. 267, has a staff of 683 people, 34% men and 66% women. The percentage of women in positions of responsibility is 48%.

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationCastellón, Spain
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