Seoyon Electronics Poland Sp. z o.o.

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Automotive sector
The Polish Quality Award 2016

Distinction of the company for implementing the concept of quality-TQm. the award is granted to an organization which, through the implementation of TQM, has led to an increase in the satisfaction of customers, employees and cooperating enterprises, and has improved the quality of work, processes and market success.

5 STAR Hyundai/Kia

Our multiple activities aimed at enhancing the quality of deliveries and cooperation with the customer translate into better results of 5 STAR audits each year and finally reaching the highest possible level of 5 stars. Our aim is to remain at this level and increase the score obtained during evaluation.


Award from Kia Motors Slovakia for SYEP’s contribution in achieving the goal in 2015

Award from Kia Motors Slovakia for SYEP’s contribution in achieving the goal in 2016

ISO/TS 16949

What defines us.
SYEP's vision is to broaden product portfolio and get the position of one of the leading producers of electronic elements in the European market. Smart Key System is to be the main product in this respect.
SYEP's mission is to achieve the position of a leader in the automotive market in terms of quality of products and to do so by constant improvement of designed goods and processes. Being awarded "5 STAR" for the best supplier in the European Union in 2017 was proof of highest quality of goods and services that Seoyon Electronics Poland delivered to its main customers, Hyundai and Kia.
Fulfillment of SYEP's mission, vision and strategy is supported by values formulated in the form of keywords and guidelines belonging to three groups. They serve as guideposts for leaders and employees helping them when looking for solutions and making decisions. These values are shared within the entire Seoyon Electronics Group. SYEP's motto is: "Let's work sincerely, wisely and joyfully".
Our core business

Seoyon Electronics Poland Sp. z o. o. (SYEP) is a production company that manufactures and sells automotive parts. The company’s flagships products of which are electronic switches and ignition modules.

Our products and services

Multifunction, C/Pad, Hazard, Consola, Key Set, Power Window, Facia, Remocon. SEAT WARMER.

Our people

In our company employee is: cheerful, helpful, everyone can count on everyone, thre is tolerance, they work with a smile, we treat ourselves as if we were a family, the atmosphere is very friendly and family .

Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationGliwice, Poland
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