Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector
Networked hospitals approach

HUFJD forms part of the 4-hospital Madrid public network of the QS group, which enables the hospital to carry out networked initiatives. This networked hospitals approach is characterized by a single CEO and shared features among all 4 health centres, including a sole care model, a single health research institute, Patient Portal, medical staff...

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Innovative management approach and leveraging of ICTs

Casiopea is our comprehensive medical-records system for all care processes. Facilitates network-based care and allows for information to be accessible wherever care is delivered.
Infrastructure Consolidation. Ensures uninterrupted & security services provided by the different information systems.
Process Improvement. Process...

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Committee for residences for the elderly

Joint committee with the main interlocutors from the social and care-related realms, under the leadership of primary care and continuity of care, and with support from corporate-level directors. The primary aims of this committee are to ensure comprehensive & integrated care to cover all the medical and social needs of people residing in the...

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Innovation and learning - best care practices

Driving innovation is fundamental for the HUFJD, both in the realms of care as well as teaching and research. An Innovation space has been set up to channel proposals for evaluation by a committee. IIS-HUFJD has specific staff working on innovation. In addition, all staff can speak with their respective care directors to make proposals for...

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Advisory Council for Patients and Citizens & Patient Portal

Instituted in 2017 to provide a space where patients, family members, area residents, and members of associations can have representation. HUFJD advisory body for citizen participation, bringing the patient’s voice to institutional decisions and targets.
The aim of this council is to further improve relations between the hospital and...

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HUFJD has its own research institute, whose primary aim is to provide a multidisciplinary space for scientific management and interdisciplinary research that seeks to address the health problems faced by the Spanish national health system and improve citizens’ quality of life. Objectively high levels and quality and excellence are the standard,...

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For us, the path toward excellence drives us and infuses our institution with a sense of ambition and purpose to improve the way we manage, the way we treat patients medically, and how we treat patients as humans.
What defines us.
The FJD's vision is to lead in the transformation of the health system, from its current state to a state in which the sustainability of the system is guaranteed, promoting innovation and incorporating new technologies. The organization seeks to be recognized as a role mode on the national and international level in terms of care, teaching, and research. The success factors that have made this a reality until now are its patient-focused strategies, the quality of the care delivered, and the efficiency that characterizes everything the organization does as well as the synergies that have been reached within the European group to which the organization belongs. All of this is made possible thanks to the teamwork, commitment, and support of all hospital staff.
Contribute to the effort to improve citizens’ health and quality of life, offering excellent health-care services, providing patient-centred care delivered by highly qualified staff within a private hospital that has a clear calling for teaching and research.

Ensure maximum partnership and integration with health-care authorities, with PC and elderly-care services, insurance providers, and QS group, driving mutual and sustainable benefit for all of society.
PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST AND FOREMOST: Caring for people's health and well-being is the reason we do what we do. We put great effort into ensuring the safety and peace of mind of each patient, family member, and person accompanying them. Each person is unique, and so is the care we give them.

HUMAN TEAM: Building a team means coordinating and integrating our individual efforts to reach a common goal. Building a team means bringing together know-how and experience. Building a team means pursuing shared goals and believing there is strength in numbers.

COMMITTED: We recognize the value of every kind of vocation. We encourage commitment and dedication in day-to-day work. Our dedication is reflected in the quality of our services.

PASSIONATE: We strive to make our approachability and empathy widely known. We treat people with warmth and care. We look to foster respect and communication.

PROFESSIONALS: We offer top-notch health care. Our staff are highly qualified and have outstanding expertise. We strive to be effective and efficient.

INNOVATION: Innovating means exploring new paths and improving on existing ways of doing things. It means keeping an open mind and a creative attitude. It means evolving, searching for different results, researching. It is leadership.

PERSONABILITY: We care for people's health and well-being and the well-being of our surroundings. Social commitment geared toward people and their surroundings, giving back the benefits of know-how, research, and innovation to society. We have an unbending commitment to the environment.
Our core business

Health care, teaching, and research

Our products and services

HUFJD is a for-profit health-care organization, part of the public hospital network in the region of Madrid. It is one of a group of hospitals providing the most complex care and technology (Group 3).
Since its origins, the main aim of HUFJD has been to add value to its stakeholders by maintaining its 3 founding pillars: Care, Teaching...

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Our people

The FJD has a total staff of 3700 people. The organization is led by a management committee, a team of middle managers and service heads. Most staff members are care staff (doctors, nurses, etc.).

Company Data
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationMadrid, Spain
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