Samariterbund Steiermark Rettung und Soziale Dienste gemeinnützige GmbH - Pflegekompetenzzentrum Kaindorf

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector
Newly constructed building | move from Stubenberg to Kaindorf

Late in June 2016 we relocated all 93 residents from Stubenberg to the newly re-opened nursing home in Kaindorf which now has 78 rooms, 63 single rooms and 15 double rooms. The Samaritans were a great support during the move along with all the employees. They helped the Samaritan Austria to relocate all residents safely and helped make the...

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Regional & seasonal food

To keep our residents happy and healthy, our house offers seasonal organic food with regional origin. It is freshly made and delivered to the nursing home. It includes fresh fruit and juice from local farmers along with seasonal vegetables.

News | Current issues

In our houses we have implemented media channels for our residents. They get general information about the house, the personnel and detailed information about daily events and pictures of current activities. Samaritan Austria also publishes a journal four times each year with current news about the organisation.

Pet therapy

The aim of pet therapy is to deal with health problems and to escape from everyday life, especially for elderly and vulnerable people who are under a great deal of emotional pressure. Therefore the Samaritan Styria enables a weekly guided treatment between a resident of the nursing home »Kaindorf« and an animal of the »Rescue Dog Association« as...

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Extensive garden area | therapeutic garden of dementia

Kaindorf's garden is laid out in a way that the residents, especially those with dementia can never get lost within the garden. They always find their way back to the house because of the gardens walking paths. Kaindorf's therapeutic garden of dementia helps stimulate their senses and to interact with each other.

What defines us.
We want to continue providing people in need for care with the most suitable and best services along with honoring every person’s individuality and experience. We want to offer a home, where we create a harmony between our residents, their relatives and the employees. Our vision includes a continuous improvement in quality as well as quality assurance.
The mission of our organization is to provide our residents with all necessary and individual goods and services. It is also very important to us to value everyone’s unique personality, characterized through their biography. We want to create a familiar atmosphere, including the staff, relatives and friends and we also want a steady quality assurance and quality improvement.
Our highest priority is to take care of elderly people and our main purpose is to regard their wants and needs. Given that, our motto is: “Respect for life” and we treat our residents with respect regarding every wish. We operate according to the care concepts of Roper, Krohwinkel and Böhm, so that our residents live in an atmosphere of empathy, security and well-being and that they obtain their autonomy as long as possible.
Our core business

The core business of Rettung und Soziale Dienst gemeinnützige GmbH – Pflegekompetenzzentrum Kaindorf, Samaritan Styria is to cater for people in need for care. We want to enhance the quality of life for elderly people. We offer long-term care, short-term care, day care and assisted apartments, where elders live on their own, but are able to join...

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Our products and services

Samaritan Burgenland and Styria ensures care and support for elderly people in need of care. There are different housing forms we provide. On the one hand we provide supervised living for elderly people who are still autonomous. The flats are integrated into the nursing home, where people have their own kitchen, bathroom and living room. These...

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Our people

Our team consists of 55 employees from different professional groups. The main focus of our organisation is the welfare of all our 93 residents. The staff takes care of their needs and wishes as best as they can. Besides care and support an animator joins our team five days every week to do various different activities with our residents like...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationKaindorf, Austria
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