Kazan Medical College

Silver Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Our graduates

In addition to mastering professional knowledge and abilities, students participate in a volunteer and sporting events, possess national tolerance, and engage in charity work. All these qualities are mapped to future professional activity, that reviews of employers, patients and their relatives, are talked about.

Engaging in educational activity of medical organizations of city and region.

The specialists of medical organizations participate in teaching and educating of students, realization of research works, diploma planning, in the estimation of professional knowledge, abilities and skills, and also personal qualities of students, criticize and/or are the coauthors of educational programs, methodical materials.

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Influence on quality of secondary medical education in Russian Federation.

The College is a leader in the system of secondary medical education in Russia. The college is a methodical center for the medical colleges of Privolzhskiy Federal district, by the base of realization of cycles of training of managers and teachers of medical colleges in Russia.
College specialists are involved in the development of...

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External quality assessment

The results of self-appraisal and external examination in area of quality following:
2002- is Laureate of the all-russian competition on forming of health saving environment;
2003 –is Leader of secondary professional education in Russia
2007- is Laureate of competition "The 100 best commodities of Russia»
2007 -...

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The quality of education depends on the activities of all the participants in educational relations. Each College employee is personally responsible within his or her competence for the quality of the work, and each student — for the reliability and durability of general and professional competencies that have been acquired during studying at Kazan Medical College. We admit, basing on the long-term traditions of the College, that the most important principle is continuous increase of each employee and student’s interest in improving the results of their activities. We united the staff around the idea of quality, could change educational relations participants’ mentality in thepositive direction, increased motivation to professional and personal development, creativity, initiative, ambition, innovation in work. We encourage the staff and the students to further active creative work for the improvement of all the directions of their activities. We commit ourselves to providing support and resources to all the participants of educational relations. CEO Zukhra Khisamutdinova
What defines us.
We aim to be the leading innovative secondary medical educational institution in Russia, to influence the improvement of the nursing education system in the country, the policy in the field of quality in the Russian educational community.We effectively introduce innovative technologies and scientific developments into the medical personneltraining. Guiding students to be merciful, humane, compassionate is very important for us. Our College guarantees quality education in accordance with the consumerdemand.
Mission – is to assist to the economy and improvement of healthof nation.

People are a main strategic resource of college, aspiring to the permanent personal and professional perfection, maximal realization of intellectual and physical possibilities for creation of large values and upgrading of secondary medical education of country.

Openness - we are always ready to pass the positive experience, results of intellectual labor to the colleagues, partners and to adopt their experience.

Co-operating with a practical health protection (by employers) - allows to use modern medical technologies, apparatus in the process of education , carry out joint creative and educator activity.

Understanding and acceptance by all workers of importance of education of young people, necessity of instilling of common to all mankind values and personality, qualities for successful professional activity and life in society.

Our core business

Implementation of basic medical education programs - training paramedics, midwives, nurses, medical laboratory technicians, pharmacists, dental technicians; programs of additional professional education forsecondary medical workers; conducting series of staff development trainings for managers and teachers of medical colleges of Russian...

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Our products and services

Highly qualified, innovative-oriented, competitive specialists are trained in the college for all regions of the country. This process is underwent in accordance with the existing and future needs of the state, society and the individual.
The content of the staff development trainings for managers and teachers of medical colleges is...

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Our people

All the teachers have higher education, 2 of them have Doctorate Degrees, 15 of them are Doctoral Candidates, 52 have Higher Qualifying categories.207 employees of Kazan Medical Collegehave State and Industry Awardsfor the outstanding services to society and thegovernment. Employees are constantly improving their skills. They are engaged in...

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Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationKazan, Russia
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