Liceo Gustavo Matamoros León

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Robotic Project

The Army schools promote in the Liceísta community the development of critical and technological thinking skills in students through different projects that generate innovation and impact. In 2015, was born the project ROBOMINDS which has participated in national and international contests. This year students from LGML traveled to Mexico City at...

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Matamoros swimming school “DELFINES”

Within the framework of our strategic objectives, we promote the preservation of physical and mental health, the use of free time through the practice of arts, sports, leisure and academic culture; thus in 2011 APPEARED the Matamoros swimming school “DELFINES”, among the important achievements gotten we have the national games classification...

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Participate and share good academic practices

For the Liceo Gustavo Matamoros ‘school it is very important to participate and share good practices. That is why, from its strategic objectives, academic spaces are generated to share with other institutions at a local and national level. An example of this is the participation in academic events such as:
1) Monua: Model of the United...

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Excellence Award 2015 awarded by the MEN (national educational department)

In 2015, within the framework of the 205th anniversary of Colombia's independence as a recognition for the work and commitment to educational excellence, the institution was selected as one of the schools with the best synthetic index of educational quality ISCE in Secondary by the Ministry of Education; this achievement was obtained due to the...

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Music as an expression

The musical project was born in 2013, where it began to reflect the great objective that is to form children in music with an excellent level of artistic and academic performance. The fact of being part of the orchestra has impacted this students in many positive ways, students have developed a high and healthy level of self-esteem, they have...

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Committed to the environment

In agreement with the “Cerro del Venado” Foundation, the students and teachers who lead the environmental group contribute to the reforestation and maintenance of plantings, managing resources for the seedlings, and developing ecological walks in order to create environmental awareness about the care and preservation of Cerro del Venado; which...

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The Liceo Gustavo Matamoros School in the incorporation in its processes and management of the EFQM model, has improved its results, based on the use of the quality principles as a basis for its policies and service strategies. By making an assertive channeling of leadership there has been an important streamlining of resources based on the creation of alliances that work out well for the value proposal given to customers, which generate a positive and responsible impact on society. In addition, our strategy recognizes the capabilities, creativity, innovation and potential of people, making sure to recognize talent and generate the necessary satisfaction and involvement from the welfare actions generated by the organization.
What defines us.
Towards 2025, The Liceos del Ejército schools are projected as high level educational institutions in the national ranking. Promoting processes of self-evaluation, management, modernization, excellence and integral formation with high quality that benefit the children and young people so that they reflect critically and be participants in the search for alternative solutions to problems specific to their local, regional or national environment
Provide formal and comprehensive education to the children of Officers, Sub-officers, Professional and Civil Soldiers of the National Army in activity and in retirement; according to the law, the administrative and fiscal authority of the Ministry of Defense National - National Army, in search of high quality and educational excellence, based on the principles, values and emphasis of children and adolescents with the success of the demands of a competitive society
Corporate values represent the convictions and philosophy that lead to the fulfillment of the Mission and the scope of the Vision; they start from a reflection and contribute to the Army's Lyceums competitive advantages and levels of strengthening of other ethical and social values. The ones defined for the institution are:
- Good treatment: We provide quality in the provision of service to achieve peaceful coexistence, and ensure compliance with fundamental rights and respect for nature, as well as spiritual formation that favors behaviors based on ethics and morals.
- Teamwork: We value and promote the contribution of all members of the institution to maintain the institutional unity that contributes to comply with the objectives and principles.
- Responsibility: We generate a positive impact towards the educational community and its environment, offering an integral education of quality, creating awareness of the consequences of the actions.
- Commitment: We have an attitude of service, industriousness and individual capacity that provide tools for the attainment of institutional goals, as a first principle the joining between the members of the Educational Community.
- Leadership: Constantly the school overcomes the established goals, thanks to the contribution and active participation from students, teachers and all the people who work in it.
- Partnership: School generates confidence and trustworthiness in the cost / benefit of the institution based on the results of the pedagogical action.
Our core business

The Liceo Gustavo Matamoros León School is located in the city of Yopal -Casanare, on Avenida Marginal De la selva - Eighth Division, XVI Brigade. Currently the principal is the Specialist Mary Luz Niño Espejo, who implements the institutional educational project "Building Leaders"

This school was opened in 1962 with thirteen...

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Our products and services

To provide high quality education to the children of the National Army staff and the other armed forces of Colombia such as the Police, Air Force, and appointed civilian people.

Intellectual dimension
- Focusing on English, physics, mathematics subjects.
- Promoting reading project- Competent readers (Alberto Merani...

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Our people

The LGML, has the following employees: Principal, Directors, Teachers, Administrative and General Services, segmented as follows.

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationYopal, Colombia
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