Instituto Técnico y Académico José Martí

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
Recognized by the formation in values / Reconocidos por la formación en valores

Achieve recognition by the community as an educational institution that values ​​education, capable of articulating to its pedagogical model the spirituality and ethics, attitudes that forge students and future integral citizens capable of fulfilling the mission and institutional vision.

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Integration of the scout project / Integración del proyecto scout

Achieve to be the first scout school in the country registered and recognized at the regional and national level by the Scout Association of Colombia, implementing the Scout Educational Project at the service of the formation of Marti children and young people, giving results of personal growth under the methodology of learning playing, doing...

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Recognition by academic peers / Reconocimiento por pares académicos

Achieve recognition by different academic entities of training (INSTITUTO ALBERTO MERANI, NATIONAL UNIVERSITY AND UNIVERSITY OF LOS ANDES) attest that the strategies and pedagogical model are giving results in the different external tests, are the evidence of work in academic planning, of the educational supports and of the own effort of...

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Integration of creeds / Integración de credos

Finding the perfect balance between creeds re-affirms the institution's capacity to be an educational institution values ​​and with the ability to foster tolerance for cultural diversity in its students and staff, inviting both Catholics and Christians to participate in All the activities of the other.

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Healthy Coexistence and fraternity / Sana Convivencia y fraternidad

The formation in values ​​and the scout project are pillars that foster in the students the good treatment with their peers, strengthening the ties of fraternity and altruism, while promoting the areas of growth such as sociability, character and citizenship, all the above it is evident in the excellent student and work climate of the...

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Country Infrastructure / Infraestructura Campestre

Achieving the maintenance and constant embellishment of a rural infrastructure within the city that articulates and supports institutional projects (SCOUT, ECOMARTÍ, etc.) turns out to be an attractive added value for our different interest groups, as well as being a fairly representative achievement internally for being the only country school...

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Being a rural organization located within the urban sector of the city, with scout training and SENA articulation; academically focused towards a scientific culture; with a formation in values ​​that supports the missionary proposal of learning to see, interpret and value life; with an environmental and spiritual culture of healthy coexistence; also with alliances that base projects. The personalized service and excellent treatment frames the motto "an easy school to love".
What defines us.
In the year 2021 the José Martí Technical and Academic Scout Institute will be recognized by Colciencias for its emphasis on research; by the Scout Regional Council for the leadership of the philosophy of Scouting; by SENA in the connection to academic and business entrepreneurship projects; by Fundación Colombia Excelente in the progressive implementation of the EFQM model, by external tests that record academic progress; For the Educational Community of the Institution in the appropriation of the Pastoral project and evidence a comfortable and rural infrastructure.

En el 2021 el Instituto Técnico y Académico Scout José Martí será reconocido por Colciencias por su énfasis en investigación; por el Consejo Regional Scout por el liderazgo de la filosofía del Escultismo; por el SENA en la vinculación a los proyectos de emprendimiento académico y empresarial; por la Fundación Colombia Excelente en la implementación progresiva del modelo EFQM, por las pruebas externas que registren el avance académico; por la Comunidad Educativa de la Institución en la apropiación del proyecto Pastoral y evidencien una infraestructura cómoda y campestre.
In inclusion and example of Jesus de Nazareth, José Martí and Baden Powell, the José Martí Scout Technical and Academic Institute with an excellent and qualified group of teachers and workers contributes to the formation of children and adolescents with the ability to see, interpret and value life, builders of a better world more ethical and human through Marti knowledge, spirituality, technical formation and scouting empowering values ​​making them more ethical, spiritual, exemplary leaders, educated, productive, investigative, with high sensitivity citizen, ecological, simple, cheerful and happy.

En inclusión y a ejemplo de Jesús de Nazareth, José Martí y Baden Powell el Instituto Técnico y Académico Scout José Martí con un excelente y calificado grupo de maestros y funcionarios contribuye a la formación de niños, niñas y adolescentes íntegros con capacidad de ver, interpretar y valorar la vida, constructores de un mundo mejor más ético y humano a través de los saberes martianos, la espiritualidad, la formación técnica y scout empoderándose de los valores haciéndolos más éticos, espirituales, lideres ejemplares, instruidos, productivos, investigativos, con alta sensibilidad ciudadana, ecológicos, sencillos, alegres y felices.
The values ​​and principles of the Institution are based on the Scout Law, also on the principles of truth and faith of our God and Jesus of Nazareth, as well as the chivalry and justice of the Apostle of Cuba, Mr. José Martí.

Recursive and economic
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Los valores y principios de la Institución se fundamentan en la Ley Scout, también en los principios de verdad y fe de nuestro Dios y Jesús de Nazaret, además de la caballerosidad y justicia del apóstol de Cuba, el señor José Martí.

Recursivos y económicos
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Our core business

Educational institution of a private nature with administrative, budgetary and financial autonomy ascribed to the Ministry of National Education.

Entidad educativa de carácter privado con autonomía administrativa, presupuestal y financiera adscrita al Ministerio de Educación Nacional.

Our products and services

The José Martí Scout Technical and Academic Institute has full educational service: pre-school, basic primary and basic secondary and middle-technical secondary, in a unic working day that allows the offer of cafeteria and restaurant, day of academic support, sports and leisure schools. With its own country headquarters in the Neiva city of...

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Our people

People have been, are and will always be the most important of the Institution. The rector calls them the columns of the building called JOSE MARTI. Consenting them in the deal is therefore a policy of the Institution. The support for their personal, professional and work projects is also a principle based on the beautiful experience of the...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationNeiva, Colombia
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