Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Not for profit sector

The care provided by the Sant Andreu Salut Foundation adapts to the needs of the person at all times.
This is possible thanks to the diversification of services, which complement and facilitate a high degree of flexibility, knowledge sharing between professionals and the creation of
multidisciplinary teams to act for the...

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The Hospital de Sant Andreu has open different lines of work related to innovation, research and teaching, which demonstrate the will to be a reference in the care of chronicity. It is worth noting the coordinated work with other health and technology organizations and with universities.


We are experts in geriatrics, with a
management of residences and centers
modern day and with the latest
therapies and techniques. We want them
our services are a reference
in our environment: we like to work
of proximity, with implication in the territory, collaborating with entities.

We are an institution with a strong social, ethical and moral commitment, which claims the profession of caring, caring and healing, and we want to be useful and participate in our environment. Our values are our guide in our daily work of continuous improvement.
What defines us.
We want to be a reference for people, organizations and professionals, fostering the pride of belonging to our professionals and being open to the community.
We take care of people who are in a situation of fragility and their environment, providing them with all possible autonomy, comfort and well-being through comprehensive and sustainable care.
Respect for the person: uniqueness, dignity, sensitivity, humanity, preferences.
Professional expertise: experience, innovation and research.
Social and territorial commitment: we want to be useful in our environment.
Sustainability: environmental and economic
Legal, functional and ideological independence.
Transparency as a key to building trust.
Our core business

Sant Andreu Salut is a non-profit foundation with historical roots dating back to 1260. It is made up of more than 500 professionals and works to take care of people in a situation of fragility and their environment, providing them autonomy, comfort and well-being through comprehensive care.

Thanks to the diversification of our...

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Our products and services

Our services include:
Long stay
Palliative care
Half stay
Outpatient units
Day hospital
Residences and day centers
Sant Andreu a Casa (SAC)
Home care (SAD)

Our people

More than 500 people, including our own staff and outsourced services, are dedicated with the utmost professionalism to making the Foundation’s gear work, to provide a quality service to the people we serve and their families.

In all the centers we have a trained and adequate care team to give the best answer to each situation. They...

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Company Data
SectorNot for profit
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationManresa, Spain
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