Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Not for profit sector
PERSON-CENTERED CARE model implementation 24/365

We seek the combination of two dimensions of personal capacity: autonomy and independence. Autonomy as a right of the ability to control one's life and independence as a development of everyday life.

Person-centered care is not just about giving people whatever they want or providing information. It is about considering people’s...

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Intensive use of technology in social services

Of course, technology will not be a replacement for attention, but it can support the people we care for, caregivers or professionals.
That's why we take advantage of the technology at our disposal to improve care for the elderly.

The president of the board of trustees is a lawyer who dedicates part of his time to an altruistic task, such as leading a nonprofit organisation.
What defines us.
To be a leading company in the care of the elderly, with a way of acting on its own, based on the person's involvement, fostering the interrelation with the family and the environment.

Adopting comprehensive quality models in care and management must be a fundamental axis of our culture of continuous improvement.
The Foundation is an organisation that works to offer personalized and quality care services to the elderly, encouraging the person to be unique as regards their intimate life, their individuality and their dignity.

We want to help, during the aging process, maintain the physical, psychological and social state, promoting active aging and respecting individual autonomy.
The essential values ​​of our Organisation are:

Generosity. We have the conviction that our work must be inspired by the generosity that is transmitted:

- From the person, respecting the singularity.
- From the Organisation promoting participation, sharing decisions.
- From the project, sharing knowledge and encouraging creativity.

The respect. We consider the person as an end in itself, and for that we assume the commitment of an ethical behavior of respect:

- For and towards people and their dignity, stimulating and promoting their autonomy.
- In the management, assuming commitments, with personalized attention.
- 'For our project, realizing our responsibility.

Professionalism. Committed to person-centered care.

- From professionals, deepening in quality, seeking excellence.
- From the Organisation, making efficiency come true.
- From the project, assuming the commitment with society.
Our core business

We are a nonprofit organisation that works to offer personalized and quality care services to the elderly, encouraging the people to be unique as regards their intimate life, their individuality and their dignity .

Our products and services

Home residence, assisted residence, daycare center, home care service, social dining room and training center for healthcare professionals.

Our people

The Foundation has employees in the health sector: doctors, nurses, therapists, physiotherapists and geriatric assistants.
And in the social sector: Psychologist, social educator, social worker.
In addition people of services like maintenance, laundry, kitchen-dining room, cleaning ... and also management personnel

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Company Data
SectorNot for profit
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationManresa, Spain
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