MTR Tunnelbana AB

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Transportation / Logistics sector
What defines us.
We aim to be a leading multinational company that connects and grow sustainable communities with caring service
MTR simplifies everyday lives with smooth journeys, attractive, functional stations areas and caring service

Excellent service- We engage in order to understand our customers, so that we can contribute to making their everyday lives and travel easier
Continuous improvements - We are not afraid to question ingrained habits, and we take the initiative to become better all the time.
Mutual respect - We are open,
receptive and we work together.
Measurable results - We strive to offer a safe journey and
- engaged employees
- satisfied customers
- reliable, sustainable and efficient production
- with long-term profitability

Our core business

MTR Tunnelbanan operates the metro in Stockholm, Sweden. The Stockholm metro has 1.3 million passegerns/ day. The metro covers 108 km tracks and 100 stations.

Our products and services

MTR offers full service to Stockholms Transportation authority, that includes Customer service, train operations, facility management etc.

Our people

MTR metro has 2 800 employees.

Company Data
SectorTransportation / Logistics
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationStockholm, Sweden
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