RATP - RER Ligne A : Information Voyageurs en Situation Perturbée Imprévue

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Transportation / Logistics sector
What defines us.
Line A makes its customers the focus of its attention. It works hard to achieve technical and operational excellence, to offer them a high level of information, specially during incident, that meets the highest international standards.
Consistent, accurate and real-time information.
People: Investing in people is the primary source of our excellence.
Dedication to the general interest: RATP is a public sector service company that is socially responsible and committed to its communities.
Respect: Respect is an essential part of our role in order to manage the diversity of both our employees and our passengers.
Professional approach to customer service: We use our first-class expertise and know-how to maximise the satisfaction of all our customers.
A taste for challenges: We take on the day-to-day and future challenges in the public transport industry with passion and an innovative, competitive spirit.
Openness: Our efficiency is driven by our ability to listen to our customers and our stakeholders.
Our core business

Line A (RER - Ratp Group) is the busiest line in Europe with 1.4 million dayly trips, 35 stations, 109 km of line and more than 140 000 followers on twitter.

Our products and services

Our services aim to deliver real time passenger information - particularly in case of disruption - onboard the vehicles, at the stations and on social media.

Our people

A line total number of employees is over 1200 strong : 450 drivers and 800 stations staff for customer services.

Company Data
SectorTransportation / Logistics
Size of the organisation> 1000 employees
LocationParis, France
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