Höhere Kaderausbildung der Armee (HKA)

Gold Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Education sector
What defines us.
The Armed Forces College is the centre of excellence for leadership training in and instruction on military strategy, operations and tactics, and in the military sciences. It is a recognised institution within the Swiss educational landscape.
Our core business

The Armed Forces College (AFC) is recognised as the main provider of leadership and staff training for conscript officers from unit level upwards and for career officers and NCOs in the Swiss Armed Forces.
As the centre of excellence for military leadership training and military science research, the AFC offers its services mainly to the...

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Our products and services

We train armed forces' senior officers and staffs in leadership, tactics, operations, and strategic and operational military thinking.
We train military professionals to become instructors and chiefs of military organisational units.
We research and teach the military sciences.
We and our partners contribute to the...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationLuzern, Switzerland
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