Mikkelin Kotikaari ry

Silver Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Association & Institutions sector
Finnish Excellence Award 2019

The current Finnish Exellence Award is a national recognition for excellence, which is appreciated by the organisations’ stakeholders. The award encourages organisations and their personnel to develop their operations systematically and supports them in developing a strong brand.

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Our Association offers enhanced assisted living and rental flats for seniors. We have two sheltered housing and 3 accessible rental houses, both with total of over 150 apartments with enhanced service housing for the customers. Our goal is to offer safe and happy life for the elderly. We have received a recognition of quality and, at the same time, the certificate demonstrates the success of our choices. In my opinion, investing in quality is the only right way in delivering services to elderly people and we have strongly believed in that. Achieving quality doesn’t happen overnight; it requires long-term and dedicated work. It has been disappointing to observe that, with regard to services for the elderly, factors very different from quality have been prevalent. Talk about quality has largely consisted of empty words. Our society’s weakest, the elderly, have been turned into merchandise. It is high time to change direction. Ready models for quality are already widely in use, as are the criteria for good nursing and nurturing. We have taken advantage of nationally and internationally widely used and tested models and best practices. They do result in quality. If they don’t, then something else is wrong. Generally, the biggest reason for a lack of quality is a failure of the organisation’s overall service system". Riitta Paasivuori, CEO
What defines us.
In 2025 our association is a leading regional provider of customer-oriented services.
Our mission, "Dignified Life", is realized in practice and Our personnel does their daily work with commitment to Our values and mission. The mission communicates respect for life. Everyone has the individual right to be treated with dignity. The starting point and purpose of the association is crystallized in action through an honorary mission.
Customer orientation

Mikkelin Kotikaari ry provides versatile housing, care and support services according to the needs of the customers. Individuality and justice are the ground of the service and activities. Mikkelin Kotikaari ry enables elderly to have a full and valuable, functional life.


Associations products, services and activities enable elderly to live their own active life safely in cozy atmosphere. Employees are encouraged to participate in the creation of new activities and to engage customers in maintaining their own capabilities. Customers can always count on the operations of Mikkelin Kotikaari and the personnel can trust each other in all situations. Multidirectional and open interaction increases participation and trust.


Social responsibility is a strategical part of Our strategy and practical operations of the association. Thinking of customer best and trust provide a solid foundation for customer service. Locality and local partnerships allow sustainable solutions to be implemented, increasing social responsibility.


Operations must be profitable and at the same time competitive. In addition to personnel, our association indirectly employs several subcontractors and hundreds of local people. Structural solutions and agility in operations and their renewal bring a competitive advantage to the benefit of the association and our customers, stakeholders and partners.
Operational and quality policy and Personnel policy
In addition to the values above Operational and quality policy and Personnel policy are important values for us.
Our core business

Our association offers enhanced assisted, sensible and goal-oriented 24-hour care and rental flats for seniors. Our goal is to provide valuable life-supportive living and care as needed by the customer and let them concentrate on quality living.

Mikkelin Kotikaari ry is a non-profit organization whose activities are non-profit...

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Our products and services

Our Association offers enhanced assisted living and rental flats for seniors. We have two sheltered housing and 3 accessible rental houses, both with total of over 150 apartments with enhanced service housing for the customers. The living environment is close to nature and our inhabitants can enjoy the fresh of the lake Finland.
We offer...

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Our people

Mikkelin Kotikaari ry has a good reputation among customers and their loved ones, cooperation partners as well as its own personnel. Our service concepts work well, the utilization of service homes is high, and work is carried out in a customer-centric manner, based on the association’s values. Our mission, ‘Mission: Dignified Life’, is realised...

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Company Data
SectorAssociation & Institutions
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationMikkeli, Finland
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