Republican Psychoneurological Sanatorium for Children and Parents "AKBUZAT"

Bronze Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector
Modular construction of personalized rehabilitation programs

The concept of modular construction of personalized rehabilitation programs allows to provide a multidisciplinary character of rehabilitation and adapt the standard of treatment to the individual characteristics of each child

Pedagogical work

The main purpose of educational activities in the sanatorium is to increase the emotional and mental tone of sick children under treatment. It is safe to say that the successful treatment of the child in the sanatorium can be carried out only on the basis of well-organized pedagogical work. The teacher of the sanatorium is a direct and active...

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Consumer recognition

The quality of services has a well-deserved reputation among consumers and is confirmed by numerous awards. For example, in 2018 Akbuzat was awarded a diploma of the winner of the National Competition "100 best resorts of Russia-2018" for the high quality of resert services. In 2017, at the all-Russian forum "Health Resort 2017" Akbuzat was...

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Competitive advantage

1 Location of the resort - ecologically clean forest area, rich in ozone. Not far from the main highways between the cities and districts of Bashkortostan and Russia.
2 Possibility of rest of disabled children with parents or accompanying.
3 Treatment and rehabilitation with new equipment using world-class technologies, including...

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Methodical and clinical center for rehabilitation of children

Akbuzat is a methodical center for all 12 children's sanatoriums of the Republic for children's rehabilitation. On the basis of Akbuzat formed clinical rehabilitation center for children with the participation of the Bashkir state medical University


In childhood, the connection between the body and the psyche is very close, so the module of motor rehabilitation is important in the recovery of the child. Movement therapy includes various types and methods of therapeutic gymnastics, massage, as well as hippotherapy and reflexology. In the course of classes in the form of a game, children are...

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We believe that effective rehabilitation of children is a process in the center of which the child's family is located, and regularity, measurability, humanity are the main components of such rehabilitation. By developing the standardization of our rehabilitation process, we strive to continuously improve the quality of our treatment programs and products. Chief doctor Imaeva Gulshat
What defines us.
Leading sanatorium for children in the Republic of Bashkortostan.
Leading center for research and innovation in rehabilitation of children with disabilities.
Place of communication of specialists of the republic in the field of sanatorium treatment of children and children's medical rehabilitation
Promoting the adaptation of children with developmental disabilities to a full life in society
Lean organisation
Our core business

Sanatorium for Children and parents "Akbuzat" renders health services and rehabilitation treatment

Our products and services

Akbuzat, a health resort for children and their parents, is located in the environmentally safe wooden area, in the microclimate especially beneficial for children. Unique natural factors, as well as familiar Bashkir climate are essential, when you are looking for a health resort. Akbuzat is open all year round. The staff of the resort presents...

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Our people

The staff of the Sanatorium as a part of children's neurologists, pediatricians, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, physiotherapist, orthopedist-traumatologist, psychologists, teachers, speech therapists jointly determine the tactics of treatment of the child, actively involving parents. The sanatorium employs qualified nursing staff, who gives all...

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Company Data
Size of the organisation< 250 employees
LocationUfa district, Russia
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