CJSC "Kivach Clinic"

Silver Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Healthcare sector
Market leadership

For many years Kivach Clinic has been the leader in the Russian market of body detox programs. The leadership is proved by a high percentage of return guests, client loyalty to the company’s brand, national rating and growing financial performance indicators.

Implementing new medical technologies

We are the leaders when it comes to implementing new medical technologies in our segment of medical services of the Russian medical services and programs market. We were one of the first clinics in Russia to implement spectral phototherapy, endovenous photon therapy, lymphotropic therapy, xenon therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation,...

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Project management

The clinic successfully implements project management. Outstanding results were achieved by the clinic thanks to the implementation of project management. This approach helps to address the challenges and find the most effective solutions.

HR management

The values and culture of the company is the key element in the functioning of the whole organization. Organization management is based on an open model with broad feedback channels, constant training and development of the employees, and creating opportunities to realize their potential.

Social support

The clinic constantly implements the programs of social support. It implements the programs of supporting the employees, long-term programs of partnership with national and regional charity funds and helps people in need.

Helping the environment

The clinic cares about the environment, it sorts and recycles waste and prefers to use environmentally friendly products and products made from recycled materials.

Kivach Сlinic is a well-coordinated work of highly qualified specialists. With a solid combination of naturotherapeutic techniques and the latest global developments in the field of rehabilitation, rejuvenation and aesthetic perfection of face and body. We have been operating for more than 20 years and deservedly are the leader in the field of integrative medicine. CEO of Kivach Сlinic - Alexandra Ulich
What defines us.
We want to be a world-class clinic with an impeccable medical service. We want to create an "elite club" with a high percentage of return patients. We want to be a Ferrari in the area of detox. We hold to the strategy of focused differantiation - the rendering of high-class medical services to the affluent segment of society; to maintain our leadership in the market in product and price.
To help our patients regain and improve their health, to preserve their beauty and youth for many years to come, to make their lives full and harmonious.
Team. We pursue our common goals relying on trust, cooperation, and help.

Health. We help to find harmony in the lives and health of our Guests, clinic employees, and society.

Care. We anticipate the wishes of our Guests, value each other's work and participate in public life. We are attentive, responsive and provide the assistance needed.

Advanced technologies. We maintain our leadership thanks to innovations, professionalism, and effectiveness.

Culture. We maintain the atmosphere of politeness and mutual respect, value our traditions and bear the responsibility for our actions and results.
Our core business

For 20 years the Clinic has been dealing with body cleanse (detox) in accordance with specially developed programs. Those programs are not only able to get rid of body toxins, but also to eliminate various infections that are usually the cause of various diseases.

The body cleanse is carried out at the cellular level, which leads...

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Our products and services

Body cleanse in Kivach clinic
It is a complex of preventive measures aimed at elimination of toxins:

viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths (endotoxins);
hazardous chemicals (dioxins, pesticides, nitrates, parabens, phthalates, bisphenol a, triclosan, heavy metals, etc.) located in the environment and entering...

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Our people

The clinic can host up to 200 guests simultaneously. It employs 580 people, 153 of whom are nurses, and 73 are highly qualified doctors working as:
Attending physicians
Orthopedic traumatologists

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Company Data
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationKonchezero, Russia
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