Silver Leading Organisation for Excellence in the Government / Local authorities sector
Largest man-made Safari

2019 The largest expansion and development programs in Al Ain Zoo’s history and construction of the largest zoo projects happening anywhere in the world.
Emphasis on the business sector and implementation of revenue generating opportunities.
Refinement of the Masterplan to include tourist based destinations.

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European Zoo and Aquarium Association (EAZA)

2013 Full accredited Institutional Membership of the European Zoo and Aquarium Association (EAZA)

WAZA Conference

2015 The hosting of WAZA Conference for the first time in the Middle East.

International Zoo Educators (IZE)

2016 Membership of the International Zoo Educators (IZE) Association

IZE Conference

2018 The hosting of the IZE Conference for the first time in the Middle East.

R4E – 5 star rating

2019 obtaining the “European Certificate of Recognized for Excellence R4E – 5 star rating” issued by EFQM

What defines us.
To be global pioneer in arid land wildlife conservation and contribute effectively in the uniqueness tourism in Abu Dhabi
- Provide a special services in arid wildlife.
- Support and enhance wildlife conservation in its expertise, services and its awareness programs.
- Providing a unique tourism by enriching the eco-tourism experience.
- Support the tourism development in Abu Dhabi Emirate.
To work as a team to achieve the organization vision to be a pioneer in arid land wildlife conservation while contribute effectively to the unique tourism of Abu Dhabi
Our core business

- Wildlife Conservation
- Awareness of wildlife conservation
- Tourist entertainment experience

Our products and services

Al Ain Zoo has become a family destination that provides entertainment and learning experiences in a natural outdoor environment. Visitors of all ages discover wildlife and enjoy a great day-out packed with fun and adventure, while learning about conservation and exploring a collection of more than 4000 animals.
Al Ain Zoo is home to an...

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Our people

Our professional Emirati guides, excellent cadre, and passionate staff work tirelessly to provide you with the most exciting adventures while exploring our homeland’s beautiful environment. They are also welcome to receiving and answering all your questions regarding our zoo.

They are an exemplary balance between the past and the...

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Company Data
SectorGovernment / Local authorities
Size of the organisationBetween 250 & 1000 employees
LocationAl Ain, United Arab Emirates
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